The Bible

No not the History channel’s miniseries…today’s post is about the book, Scripture, God’s word. Unless you’ve been living under a rock this last week you would have heard about some of the election happenings with our politicians in particulars K Rudd’s moment on Q and A explaining his stance on same-sex marriage.

I’m not going to pop in my 2 cents as there have been a whole heap of articles in the last few days about whether our PM was correct/regarding his attitude/role of religion in politics/ etc etc etc. If you’d like some extra reading here’s a good one

The whole situation did give me the idea for this post which is why is the bible so important to Christians? Here’s a little of some things I learned from ‘What is the bible?’ chapter 1 of Wayne Grudem’s Christian Beliefs aka the adbridged version of his Systemaic Theology book. I have both so if you’d like to borrow come say hi at YG.

The authority of the bible

The bible is God’s word. Yay Sunday School answer. But if you explore that more what do you get? It was written by many different people but all the words were exactly what God wanted them to write. That’s what the bible says about itself. Scripture gets its authority from itself, as in it God claims that the words are his, and who is the ultimate authority if not God? There are lots of things that point to all this being reasonable but it is only through Holy Spirit that the words become our own personal conviction, accepted in our hears as truth.

“Therefore since the Bible affirms that it is the very words of God, we are to seek to understand those words; for in doing so we are seeking to understand God himself. We are to seek to trust the words of Scripture for in doing so, we are seeking to trust God himself. And we are to seek to obey the words of Scripture; for in doing so, we are seeking to obey God himself.”

The clarity of Scripture

In this bit he explains how the bible is written so that it is clear how to become a Christian, how to live as a Christian and how to grow as a Christian. While parts may be confusing to you or you don’t think your intellectual enough be comforted that ‘the testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple (Ps 19:7) and it ‘gives light; it imparts understanding to the simple’ (Simple meaning lacking in sound judgement). God’s word is clear but there is a spritual discernment aspect to it, it isn’t the result of intellectual ability.

“…we should prayerfully read the Bible, asking the Lord to reveal the truth of his words to us.”

The necessity of Scripture

“The necessity of the Scripture means that it is necessary to read the bible or have someone tell us the Bible if we are going to know God personally, have our sins forgiven and know with certainty what God wants us to do”.

Some things about God are knowable without the bible. His existence, character, moral laws. ‘The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaim his handiwork’ (Ps 19:1). However, for the other part: God’s will, his plan to save the world we need the bible.

Grudem doesn’t have an instruction sentence at the end of this part but I’ve got one. “If you know it; share it!”

The sufficiency of Scripture

This bit is about how we in the after NT period have all that is needed to become, live and grow as a Christian. We’re not free to add to it even if we don’t find the answers to all our questions. In living the Christian life we should look to the bible for guidance; it’s enough to help us ‘for every good work (see 2 Timothy 3:17 and the verses around it too!) And if the bible is sufficient we should always turn to it when advising others and be careful to not elevate anything else to the status of God’s words.

And that’s it for me folks. I’m a terrible summariser so I suggest you do your own reading/research into this great topic but most importantly get reading your bible!!


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